Win online tickets to Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Win online tickets to Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

IamExpat is offering free 15 tickets to view films at the Eastern Neighbours Film Festival online.

To participate, fill in the form below telling us why you think you should win and share this page on your Facebook timeline - make sure you tag Eastern Neighbours Film Festival when you do.

You could be one of three lucky winners

  • Where: Online
  • When: Available between November 4 and 15
  • Number of tickets available: 15 (3 free tickets per winner - choose from 5 different films)
  • Find out more about this performance on the ENFF website

Outstanding films at Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Eastern Neighbours Film Festival is an annual celebration of art-house films from the East and Southeast of Europe. The 2020 programme brings feature fiction films, documentaries, shorts, masterclasses, lectures and encounters. 

Win tickets to incredible films at ENFF

There are so many outstanding films of unparalleled quality. Here are the films that the lucky winners can choose from:

Mare, Croatia / Switzerland 

A female-gaze family drama on mundane everyday routine, mid-life crisis dilemmas and sexual desire. With impressive performances by Goran Navojec and Marija Škaričić who won the Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actress.

A Dose of Happiness, Yana Titova, Bulgaria

A deeply moving romantic and family drama, based on true events from the life of well-known Bulgarian journalist Vesela Toteva. Based on her own memoir "Fall and Salvation: Confessions of a former heroin addict", it’s a tale of addiction, destitution, fear and redemption, as a rebellious young woman searches for happiness during the turbulent transitional 1990s in Bulgaria.

Documentary: A Year Full of Drama, Marta Pulk, Estonia 

An extraordinary real-life story from Estonia - a job announcement was posted for a person who has never in his or her life been in a drama theatre. The job was to watch and review some 200 theatre plays in one year. 450 applicants applied. Female director Marta Pulk takes us masterly on this exciting human journey through theatre stages and personal dramas.

Documentary: Invisible Child, Muhamed I. Sisman, Turkey

This must-see film deals with the children brought into the world by women raped by enemy soldiers - and sometimes even UN peacekeepers - during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The stigma stays for life, yet some children, today grown-up, are finding their way to deal with this trauma.

Aga's House, Lendita Zeqiraj, Kosovo 

Lendita Zeqiraj, a strong voice from Kosovo, whose short film Balcony was premiered in Venice, is coming back to ENFF with her compelling feature-length debut. Political, yet playful, charming and somewhat humorous, it focuses on the lives of five women in post-war Kosovo where many men were killed and families destroyed. A festival circuit sweetheart and beautiful coming of age story, praised by Variety magazine as "a punchy uncompromising drama".

View your film online

The ENFF films will be available online via the Picl platform and they will be available for the winners to watch any time between November 4 and 15.

Photo: Aga's House Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Thumb photo: The Invisible Child

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