Win tickets to the Dutch Theatre Festival

Win tickets to the Dutch Theatre Festival

This competition is now closed.

Thank you for participating! We have received a lot of great responses. The prizes go to:

  • Luka Vukic - Coco Chanel
  • Elvira Mendoza - Zvizdal
  • Daniel Barkan - A Love Supreme

The winners will receive their tickets via email.

IamExpat is offering double tickets to three "Language No Problem" shows at the Dutch Theatre Festival!

To participate, simply fill in the form below and tell us which performance you’d like to see and why.

English-language performances

Each of the performances are either English-language, subtitled or non-spoken. The performances you can choose are:

Zvizdal, September 8-9

English-subtitled documentary Zvizdal shows us Pétro and Nadia, a couple born and raised in Zvizdal, who refuse to be evacuated after a nuclear failure in Chernobyl permanently drove away all other inhabitants of towns and villages in a 30km radius. They prefer to stay put in their own house, surrounded by a ghost town, overgrown by nature.

The elderly couple hangs on in solitude without running water, electricity, telephone or mail. They live with their superstitions, vodka, muttering, cursing, singing, toothaches, the infirmities of old age, a very old horse and an emaciated cow in a portrait of solitude, survival, poverty, hope and love.

Coco Chanel, September 11

Coco Chanel was an icon of gracefulness. With her bold designs, she liberated women from the corset. Her eventful life tells us the story of a woman, whom while being an orphan rose to the French upper class. For modern women today, her name is a symbol for equality and freedom.

The performance Coco Chanel seeks to investigate the influence fashion has on our society. How a costume becomes a body and how a body becomes a puppet. The performance is in English.

A Love Supreme, September 12-13

A Love Supreme is a dance quartet based on John Coltrane's eponymous album. Coltrane and his musicians created complete freedom of improvisation, continuously pushing the boundaries of every musical register.

Two choreographers translated this vibe into dance, blending improvisation and composition into a seamless whole. Four young, male dancers offer an expressly energetic interpretation, emphasising the long-lasting vitality of Coltrane's tribute.

About the Dutch Theatre Festival

The Dutch Theatre Festival (Nederlands Theater Festival) is one of the biggest theatre festivals in the Netherlands and Flanders. For 11 days, it will showcase the best contemporary Dutch performances.

Please note, ticket competition winners are announced on the closing date. Each winner will receive one double ticket to the performance of their indicated choice. Winners will be contacted via email.

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