Win a Thanksgiving turkey

Win a Thanksgiving turkey

The winner is: Lily Moodey

Grutto is on a mission to transform the meat industry - their vision is a healthy, sustainable and waste-free meat sector, providing quality, grass-fed meat direct from the farmer - in contrast to the hormone-pumped factory-farmed mass meat industry that has become so prevalent today.

Healthy, sustainable turkey

All of the meat you buy at Grutto is fully traceable, either by the batch number or often right back to the very animal it came from - made possible by the unique ear tag number. Consumers have a right to know where their meat comes from, and Grutto takes that responsibility very seriously so that consumers can make an informed decision when buying meat.

What can you win?

Grutto is offering the readers of IamExpat the opportunity to enter in a contest to win a free-range Thanksgiving Turkey delivered right to their doorstep in the Netherlands. The turkey will be delivered on November 19, 20 or 21, ready for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner on November 27.

Enter the Thanksgiving turkey giveaway

To enter, fill in the form below saying why you think you should win and subscribe to the Grutto newsletter. The winner will be contacted by email on November 13.

About Grutto's free-range turkeys

The Thanksgiving turkeys are from a small farm in Rijkevoort, in the Netherlands. Anton and Lotte's (the farmers) turkeys are free-ranging and had a good outdoor life at their farm in Rijkevoort. Thanks to the traditional rearing methods the turkeys are brought up slowly and naturally. The turkeys forage on a hearty diet rich in herbs to enhance the flavour, resulting in incredibly flavoursome meat with a subtle gamey flavour.

The turkeys are specially bred for traditional flavour, not size. They are Caringa Light Bronze free-range turkeys.

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