Win a pair of tickets to CaDance festival in The Hague

Win a pair of tickets to CaDance festival in The Hague

The winners are: Daniel Reyes, Lauren McLeos and Sofia Mender!

IamExpat is offering 3 pairs of tickets to CaDance festival taking place at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague.

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  • Where: Korzo Theatre and Theater aan het Spui and other venues in The Hague
  • When: May 18-29, 2023
  • Number of pairs of tickets available: 3 
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Discover the latest movement at CaDance! Whether its dance, circus or physical theatre: during CaDance Festival in The Hague you’ll see it all. Meet makers who know how to give physical expression to the spirit of the times like no other. Adventurous creators who look beyond the boundaries of their artistic discipline, or even stretch them.

During the 12 days of CaDance, from May 18-29, you’ll see international premieres, tailor-made performances for the festival and eye catchers never before seen in The Hague. The doors of main location Korzo are wide open, but CaDance is also moving throughout the city this 21st edition. So expect performances and events at special locations, like the beach, a church or the city centre of The Hague. 

CaDance is offering:

  • 2 tickets for Reroute
  • 2 tickets for Screws
  • 2 tickets for SapienS

Keep reading to find out more about the three amazing shows!

Programme highlights: Reroute

Talking about moving through the city, Reroute is a great experience to be shared with your friends, family, or colleagues. During this city tour, you walk through the city centre of The Hague and step from one mini-performance into the next. This walking route brings you to unexpected locations, where you will discover hidden stories and surprising combinations. 

Programme highlights: SapienS

In-house makers of Korzo are well represented on the line-up of CaDance. Choreographer Sarada Sarita presents a brand new work with SapienS, a show that she will perform at the beach! In this performance, you’ll meet the performers near beach pavilion De Staat. These perfect surroundings give room to take the audience on a journey that celebrates the human experience through the power of music and dance, wherein the worlds and rituals of street and club dance styles flow together with nature and inner wisdom. 

Programme highlights: Screws

CaDance also offers some certified hits. Screws by Belgian circus creator Alexander Vantournhout is definitely one of those. Lauded by French newspaper Le Monde and other international media, Vantournhout is bringing this performance and his five dancer-acrobats to Maakhaven. In Screws, a group of five artists overcome gravity with the help of objects attached to the body. With the aid of crampons, a bowling ball and other objects, the laws of physics are challenged.

About Korzo

CaDance is a festival created and produced by Korzo. Korzo is a theatre and production house, situated in the city centre of The Hague. Korzo aims to bring audiences and makers together in innovative formats, because of curiosity and the persuasion that talent can flourish through unusual connections and an open mind. The motto of Korzo is "Here to move you" for a reason. It’s not only a vibrant theatre, but also a creative production house with several in-house makers. 

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