Win a GoPro-package and a free weekend at Htel

Win a GoPro-package and a free weekend at Htel

This competition is now closed.

Thanks to all those who participated! Htel has announced the winners. The winners are Elvira Hernansanz Perez and Pablo Savva. Congratulations! The video competition can now get started at Htel. Interested in following the competition? Check out their Facebook & Instagram, or Htel’s website


Are you an expat living in the Netherlands, and up for a challenge? Htel is selecting three contestants to spend a free weekend at their serviced apartments, and get the chance to win a full GoPro package by filming their experience!

To be selected to compete, sign up by filling in the form stating why you think you should be chosen.

Let’s compete!

If you are selected, here’s what will happen:

  • The three selected contestants will get to stay at Htel for a weekend, including living expenses of max. €100
  • If you live in Amsterdam you will be picked up at home by a taxi driver, and this is where your Htel journey will start
  • You will be provided with a GoPro set to create your video
  • The three videos will be shared on your and Htel's social media channels
  • The contestant with the most Likes will win the GoPro set worth €600

What kind of video you will make

If you are selected to spend a weekend at Htel, you will need to make a video of max. 90 seconds, showing all of the services and facilities of Htel.

For instance, you can film the way to the closest supermarket and show how you prepare your own dinner in the kitchen of the apartment, or show how easy it is to get to the Amsterdam city centre and business districts by public transport.


Please note the following conditions pertinent to the competition:

  • All rights to the raw material and images are property of Htel Serviced Apartments
  • Images will be shared on social media channels of Htel Serviced Apartments

Selection criteria

In order to compete, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • You are an expat living in the Netherlands
  • You have video editing skills
  • You are an active user of social media and have a significant number of followers
  • You have an advantage if you are already a vlogger

About Htel Serviced Apartments

At Htel you can experience the comfort and freedom of a fully equipped apartment including all the services and amenities you would expect in an upscale hotel.

Htel offers you two locations, both centrally situated in quiet residential areas of Amsterdam and Amstelveen, nearby the important business districts.

Experience the advantages of a luxury five-star hotel and relax in the Spa and Sauna, swim in the Jetstream swimming pool, explore the city on Htel’s very own bicycles, or go to the gym for your daily workout.

Choose between eight types of fully equipped apartments, ranging between 22 and 335 square metres.

Besides being more spacious than a hotel, the apartments also come equipped with a kitchen.

The contestants will be announced on the first of October. They will receive more information via email.

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