Win a ticket to the e-learning programme Empower Yourself at Work

Win a ticket to the e-learning programme Empower Yourself at Work

Do you often feel something can improve at work? 

IamExpat, in cooperation with Hélène van Oudheusden, offers three e-learning courses to empower yourself at work, for FREE!

To participate, answer this question: “What is your most challenging issue at work?” Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and leave your reply.

e-learning programme Empower Yourself at Work

Empower Yourself at Work

Hélène van Oudheusden offers all participants 10% off the e-learning Empower Yourself at Work until November 23. 

The new e-learning course Empower Yourself at Work is the interactive boost for your work happiness. Now available including a self-care test and a character survey. Based on the book Empower Yourself at Work, this is your opportunity to receive online chat coaching while you follow the e-learning course. 

You could be lucky

In this two-hour e-learning course, you will discover why your purpose and authenticity are essential assets at work. Find out how being true to yourself in the workplace can be of benefit to everyone: you, your colleagues and, yes, even your boss. And… are you a parent or teacher? Each tool includes tips to strengthen purpose and authenticity for your children. The interactive e-learning with chat for personal feedback is worth 125 euros.

About Hélène van Oudheusden

Hélène is a personal life coach and trainer based in The Hague, providing counselling for expats who want to build trust in their intuition at work. She is the author of the book "Empower Yourself at Work" and has 25 years of experience in the field. She also provides educational coaching programmes for children. Hélène van Oudheusden

Contact Hélène

For more information please visit Hélène van Oudheusden’s website or

Special offer for all participants 

There will be a 10% discount until Nov 23 for all those who participate. The competition runs from October 26 - November 20 and the winner will be announced and contacted by Hélène after the competition ends.

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