Win a copy of Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam

Win a copy of Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam

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The winners, who will each receive a copy of the book, are:

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  • Viktoria Tonkachova
  • Volkan Okesli
  • Qusai Altabbal
  • Ekaterina Goryunova

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IamExpat is offering five copies of Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam by Xing Chen.

To win, simply leave us a message below telling us why you think you should win a copy.

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam is a 160-page paperback, full of useful insights and entertaining anecdotes on cycling in the bike-filled capital. The book is beautifully presented, with 135 full-colour photos.

Navigating bicycle traffic

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam is not a beginner’s manual: instead it’s aimed at fairly experienced cyclists who probably learned to cycle as children in a relatively safe environment. They feel comfortable when cycling in quiet, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly areas with low car densities, but have yet to learn to navigate through busy, built-up areas with high levels of traffic, such as seen in the centre of Amsterdam.

Cycling confidently through crowded streets requires additional skills and detailed knowledge about traffic rules and cycle lane etiquette. 


Knowing road user behaviour

In Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam, author Xing Chen focuses on developing your navigation skills and improving your knowledge of road user behaviour, preparing readers for traffic mishaps and personal run-ins that a cyclist might encounter as they get on their city bike. 

Written by an expat for expats

The author Xing Chen is a neuroscientist and an expat who has lived in the US, the UK, and Singapore. She has lived in the Netherlands since 2014 after she came to work on the development of brain implants for sight restoration.

On the very first day of her arrival in Amsterdam, she bought a second-hand bicycle, and gradually mastered the art of cycling through the crowded city streets. Xing now covers over 20km per day by bike, and you can too!

Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam is accompanied by dynamic, entertaining and illustrative photographs by Kevin McPeake and Shirley Agudo.



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