Win a copy of Chad in Amsterdam

Win a copy of Chad in Amsterdam

IamExpat is giving away a few copies of "Chad in Amsterdam" the comic book all about the daily life of Chad Bilyeu, an American expat in Amsterdam. 

Chad in Amsterdam consists of short stories written by Chad Bilyeu, an American living in Amsterdam for the past 11 years after moving from Washington DC in 2009. It’s a chronicle of his daily life, interactions, adventures and misadventures in his new adopted city. 

To win, answer the following question in the form below: "What is the second-best city in the Netherlands?"

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Here are the prizes:

  • Grand prize: one complete set of Chad in Amsterdam, issues 01-05
  • Runner up prizes (three prizes): one copy of Chad in Amsterdam #05, the Sinkerklaas speciaal

Chad in Amsterdam comic strip

About the author

Chad Bilyeu is an American who has been residing in Amsterdam for 11 years. Born and raised in Cleveland, he lived a decade in Washington, DC where he studied at Georgetown University, and moved to Amsterdam to further his studies in 2009. He has been living in the Dutch capital ever since. He writes, takes photos, travels and engages in various other artistic endeavours. Since relocating to Amsterdam he has organised art shows, thrown various nightlife events and has become well acquainted with the lovely city which is Amsterdam. Most recently, he ran a cassette label known as Bullsh*t Night Records.

Chad in Amsterdam

About the Chad in Amsterdam comics

A few years ago, Chad decided to create a comic book based on his life in Amsterdam. Chad in Amsterdam was conceived while reading fellow Cleveland-native Harvey Pekar’s AMERICAN SPLENDOR. He realised that the most novel way to depict himself and the city of Amsterdam would be within a comic book. Within Chad in Amsterdam, he delves into aspects of Amsterdam that are typically ignored by most local and expat writers. With respect to accuracy and honesty, he writes about his own experiences in a city that he has had both the pleasure of learning about and contributing to.

Quote by Margreet de Heer, former Stripmaker des Vaderlands, about the Sinterklaas-themed issue

“Chad really managed to capture the issue in a tone of voice that is both personal and universal - a very welcome departure from all the shouting and swearing that has taken place over the years and made so many people fed up with even thinking about the subject. Well, me anyway. Chad’s approach hits home with me. I’m also one of the ones who at first “just didn’t see it” and quickly ran to rationalisations that I see now were dictated exactly by a culture that is still permeated with colonialist thought. I love how Chad is the first (as far as I’ve seen) to bring some wit and nuance to all of this.” chad-in-amsterdam-sinterklaas.jpg

Quote by Writer's Block, University of Amsterdam’s English language literary magazine

“Chad in Amsterdam #1 and #2 are both a blast to read. If you’re from Amsterdam, you’ll likely recognise some of the locations. If you’re not from Amsterdam, these are still fun adventures to read. Since most of the comic strips read more like sketches than full stories, these are great when you’re looking for some light reading or about ten to fifteen minutes of entertainment. This isn’t about superheroes, zombies, fantasy warriors or deep space travels—but it might just be one of the most honest and real books on stands at the moment.”

Chad in Amsterdam comic strip

Enter to win!

Chad in Amsterdam is for anyone associated with or interested in Amsterdam, be they an echte Amsterdammer, a Dutch transplant, an expat, or a tourist. Even people who have never been to the city can enjoy the stories within the comic. 

The competition is open to anyone anywhere! Chad will either meet up with winners in Amsterdam to drop off comics or send them in the mail throughout the Netherlands. If an overseas person wins, they have to pay for shipping, which will be between 9-12 euros.

Chad in Amsterdam comic strip

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