Youplant Amsterdam - plant swap party

Youplant Amsterdam - plant swap party

Sep 09, 2023
Lowlander Botanical Bar & Restaurant, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 201, 1021 KP
16 euros

Youplant is hosting yet another plant swapping event in Amsterdam. House plants are a pleasure to look after, no matter how unpleasant the Dutch weather is. So bring a plant, swap it, meet new people and have fun!

On September 9 from 3pm until 5pm at Lowlander Botanical Bar & Restaurant in Amsterdam, plant lovers can go and meet kindred spirits, chat about plants and swap their plants for new ones. Meet other plant lovers over a relaxing cup of tea or coffee and leave with a lush new plant for your home!

Plant swap rules and tips

There are a few plant-swapping rules, to make the experience pleasant and optimised for all:

  • Bring only healthy plants and / or plant cuttings
  • You can also swap plant hangers, pots and baskets
  • Label your plants with their botanic name, their common name and your name
  • Do not water your plants immediately before the event
  • Don't bring fresh cuttings - all cuttings must be rooted already

Buy your Youplant tickets

Buy your Youplant tickets. Browse the Youplant Facebook page for more details.