Xmess! A Horrible Holiday Movie Marathon

Xmess! A Horrible Holiday Movie Marathon

Dec 24, 2020Dec 25, 2020
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What’s your idea of a good Christmas movie? Well, whatever it is, it probably won’t be showing at Xmess! A Horrible Holiday Movie Marathon. Cinema of the Dam’d, based in Amsterdam, invites you to stream bad Christmas movies back to back this Christmas Eve! 

Get ready for appalling, atrocious Christmas films 

This time of year usually conjures up happy, jolly Christmas scenes of sleigh bells and laughter, sugarplums and mistletoe. But, if you’re feeling more like Scrooge or the Grinch this Christmas, this movie night might be something for you! The hosts describe it as “an 18-hour movie marathon featuring the weirdest, wildest and worst Christmas movies of all time”. 

Whether a movie is good or bad is very subjective, though, so be warned, you may be glued to your screen! If not, at least there'll be something festive to have on in the background while you're putting the finishing touches on the festive treats and Christmas decorations!

The list of Christmas movies has yet to be announced, to keep you guessing. Just think of the most woeful Christmas movie you’ve ever seen, add a whole 18 hours to the mix and then you’ve got a good idea of what to expect! Look on the bright side - some films are so bad that they’re good! So, curb your expectations, open your mind and get ready for this offbeat film marathon to kick off the holidays!

About the hosts

Nowadays, we can stream and download any time we like. But there’s something special about the connectedness of watching films at the same time as others.

Cinema of the Dam’d brings movies to your comfy homes during corona times with their online platform for sharing films, called Dam’d Social Cinema. The idea is that audiences tune in to Twitch at a set time and stream films together, providing more of a community feeling to the online space. A presenter will welcome all viewers and there’s even a chat box for staying in the loop with fellow audience members!

Subscribe to stream the Christmas movie marathon

Xmess! A Horrible Holiday Movie Marathon begins at 12pm on Christmas Eve and continues for 18 hours, until 6am on Christmas morning! Are you up for it? Sign up and get ready to stream bad, mad and dreadful Christmas films!