WorldTalks Amsterdam | What a shame!

WorldTalks Amsterdam | What a shame!

Jan 23, 2020
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Leidseplein 26, 1017 PT
Free (registration required)
Includes a free drink

Don't miss WorldTalks Amsterdam | What a shame! Expect an evening about shame, failure and vulnerability, lessons learned & #noshame!

Failure = Sexy

Dream bigger, do better, work hard, and amazing things will happen. But let's be honest: life isn't always amazing. Whether in our personal life or our careers, being open about our struggles and hence being vulnerable is not an easy task. However, we all know life is a bumpy ride so we might as well share the crazy lessons learned.

That is also why there is a growing trend among start-ups, influencers, brands, etc. to be more open about failure and other taboos. Time to get real: how can our failures make our lives better?

WorldTalks Amsterdam What a shame! programme

Here are the speakers at this edition of WorldTalks Amsterdam:

Pepe Villatorro

Pepe Villatorro works at the headquarters of Fuckup Nights, a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure organised in 321 cities around the globe. Each month, people get up on stage in front of a room full of strangers to share their own "professional fuckup".

The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled… What explains the popularity of this global movement?

Aisha Madu

Animator and artist Aisha Madu likes to explore awkward and uncomfortable situations that are part of our everyday life and addresses them with humour and a touch of absurdism. In her animations, she likes to share her discomfort and wants to explore the discomfort of others.

Via VPRO Dorst, the talent platform for young makers, Aisha Madu produced her own animated series Schroom, celebrating all the embarrassing and painful moments that make us blush. Does she have awkward stories herself?

Bowie Redman Barbiers

Storyteller Bowie Redman Barbiers refers to herself as a "Wild Mouth" that likes to talk about unspeakable topics. By sharing stories with her online audience on social media, she aims to create more openness around guilt, shame, and loneliness.

In her newest weekly series Biechtbrieven (Confessional Letters), followers can send her a confession (anonymously) about supposedly shameful topics such as farting and orgasms.

Wing Yan Man from 3310 School for Millennials

Why is there no school for grown-ups? Aged 30, Wing Yan Man didn’t feel like she had figured out how life works. Being burnt out from her corporate job, she bumped into lots of great lost-in-life dilemmas. But where to go for help? At 3310 School for Millennials, you can follow classes that teach you life skills that help you to become a 21st-century champion. Vulnerability and being open about failure: why is that a typical millennial thing to do?

Naomi Veldwijk

There will be spoken word by Naomi Veldwijk.

WorldTalks at International Theatre Amsterdam

Here's what to expect:

  • What: WorldTalks Amsterdam | What a shame!
  • Date: Thursday, January 23, 2020
  • Time: 6pm-7pm (Doors open from 5.30pm)
  • Bites & music after. Find out more on the ITA website.

Register for free tickets and a free drink on the ITA website. This event is in English.

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