World Tango Congress

World Tango Congress

Aug 25, 2022Aug 29, 2022
CanDance Studios, Isolatorweg 28, 1014 AS
Various prices

The World Tango Congress 2022 takes place at the CanDance Studios in Amsterdam, which is located at Isolatorweg, only 10 minutes from Schiphol airport.

Roots, developments and evolution of tango

Three different halls host three distinct categories of tango: traditional, neo and swing. The 40 specialised workshops include technique classes, couples tango, milonga and waltz, as well as yoga. There are even intensive classes with tango world champions. Dancers can also take part in other dance forms, like lindy hop, rock-and-roll, salsa and swing.

World Tango Congress is hosted by World Tango Society, an ambitious and open network that respects the roots, developments and evolution of tango, aiming to make tango more attractive to wider audiences.

Expect specially-themed dance events during the congress! There are several points to note regarding dress code, so here are the details for looking the part: dress up like the flappers of the prohibition (or even a character from The Great Gatsby) for the Roaring 20s Dance, or get into folklore costume for the folklore event.

Plan your visit

For participants coming from out of town, the CanDance Studios offer everything all under one roof, from congress activities to eating. It’s easy to get to by public transportation, driving and cycling.

Get your tickets

There are various ticket types available, from a full congress pass, day pass and evening pass to separate workshop tickets. Get more information about timetables and tickets on the World Tango Congress event page.

Video of previous editions

To get inspiration, here is a recap of previous editions of World Tango Congress