World Press Photo Exhibition 2022

World Press Photo Exhibition 2022

Apr 15, 2022Aug 14, 2022
De Nieuwe Kerk, Dam Square, 1012 NL
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On Friday, April 15, the World Press Photo Exhibition 2022 opened to the public in De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. This Flagship Exhibition will be on display until August 14, 2022. The annual World Press Photo Contest recognises and celebrates the best photojournalism and documentary photography produced over the last year.


Experience the best in photojournalism and documentary photography

To better live up to the “world” in World Press Photo, for the first time this year regional, as well as global, winners were chosen. These winners, picked by independent expert regional juries and a global jury, were selected out of thousands of entries from professional photographers. All are on display in large format in this historic location.

world press photo amsterdam

Following the World Press Photo Foundation’s new strategy and to offer a more global and better geographic balance of perspectives, this year’s contest is divided into six regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia and Oceania) and four categories (Singles, Stories, Long-Term Projects, and Open Format).

The stories in the exhibit cover a range of themes - the power of protest, indigenous peoples, climate change and fire, and more. All share something about our world and humanity. A long-term project, photographed over a period of almost eight years, documents events in Ukraine leading up to the current war, and a special section is devoted to open-source journalism’s coverage of it. Another special section looks at fake news and the ease with which it can be circulated and believed.


The 24 regional winners resulting from this were chosen by an independent specialist jury from and / or working in the relevant region. Out of these 24 regional winners, four global winners were also chosen - the World Press Photo of the Year, the World Press Photo Story of the Year, the World Press Photo Long-Term Project Award, and the World Press Photo Open Format Award.

World Press Photo Exhibition 2022 tickets available online

The World Press Photo Exhibition 2022 is on show from April 15. Buy your tickets online today!


world press photo amsterdam