World Living Statues Festival

World Living Statues Festival

Oct 04, 2019Oct 05, 2019
Arnhem, Ede

The World Living Statues Festival is where street performers take on the roles of living statues and everyone's invited to come and see. This form of street art never ceases to surprise, delight and move people.

Living Statues festival

Every year, almost 200 beautifully artistic, funny and impressive Living Statues show off their skills at this entertaining event. Only the best artists from around the globe make it through the selection to join the internationally acclaimed World Living Statues Festival in Arnhem.

Photo: Debby Gosselink World Living Statues Festival Arnhem

Every year, World Living Statues greets hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Smaller festivals have also emerged in other countries like Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine, but performing artists know that the main event is still the one in Arnhem.

During the World Championship, the festival also hosts a living statue competition for children, as well as one for amateurs.

World Living Statues Festival

Festival events

The World Living Statues Championship takes place in Arnhem, with a night spectacle in nearby Ede. The activities and dates are as follows:

Statues By Night

  • Where: Ede
  • When: Friday, October 4 
  • What: Living statue performances by some of the world's greatest, together with street artists, local artists, children and amateurs.

The Warm-Up

  • Where: Arnhem
  • When: Saturday, October 5
  • What: A party for all the participants and audience members, with music, street theatre and theatrical warm-up exercises.


Photo: Debby Gosselink World Living Statues Festival Arnhem

Plan your visit

Check out the World Living Statues Festival website for more details, and plan your trip accordingly. Arnhem and Ede are easy to reach via public transportation.

Thumb photo: Jeroen Muller