World Cinema Amsterdam

World Cinema Amsterdam

Aug 16, 2018Aug 25, 2018
Rialto and De Balie
10 euros for a standard adult ticket

World Cinema Amsterdam is an annual film festival, focusing on movies from Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, Asia and Africa. Showcasing a wealth of independent films from these countries, it is a special kind of film festival not to be missed. 

Outstanding films in competition

The 2018 edition of World Cinema Amsterdam inhabits the Rialto and De Balie from August 16 to 25 with a stunning film programme. There is also a competition, with nine films delivering their Dutch premiere and vying for the Jury Award and the Audience Award. Here are the nine films bringing outstanding levels of filmmaking to Amsterdam cinemas:



[August 16, 17, 19 – Opening Film] Sir 

The opening film of World Cinema Amsterdam, Sir, is about the paradoxes of the seemingly impenetrable class structure of India.

[August 22-23] Liquid Truth

Directed by Carolina Jabor, who will be present at the festival, Liquid Truth is a Brazilian film about a popular swimming instructor who struggles with accusations from unexpected sources.

[August 20, 22, 23] Five Fingers for Marseilles

Five Fingers for Marseilles has been dubbed South Africa’s first Western film! The premise is that a member of a town gang has returned, seeking a peaceful life.

[August 22, 23, 24] Girls Always Happy

This featured debut, Girls Always Happy, by the Chinese director Yang Mingming features a mother-daughter relationship and its ups and downs.

[August 22,23,24] Las Herederas

The director, Marcelo Martinessi will be present at the screening of his film, Las Herederas. This Paraguayan film is a complicated and thrilling drama.

[August 20, 21, 22] La Soledad

A crumbling old villa in Caracas called La Soledad is due to be torn down, but there are rumours of buried treasure there! One of its inhabitants has found his mission!

[August 17, 18, 25] 3 Faces

Iranian director Jafar Panahi continues to create critical films, despite the ban. 3 faces focuses on three women encumbered by the rules, laws and traditions of their country.

[August 18, 18, 25] Burning

Based on a story by eminent Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, Burning follows three young people in a disappearance, a love triangle and strange hobbies.

[August 25 – Closing film] Weldi

In Weldi, a Tunisian man does his damnedest to get his son back from the jihadist movement in Syria.

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