Winter Parade

Winter Parade

Dec 22, 2023Dec 30, 2023
Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT
Entrance tickets cost 6 euros (4 euros for children aged 12-17; free for children aged 11 and younger)

Winter Parade is a bizarre event in Amsterdam where winter celebrations, delicious food and theatre collide, ringing in the winter season! A considerable portion of the programme is in Dutch, but there is also a large amount of the acts where language is not a problem.

About Winter Parade

Winter Parade is an interesting concept, devised by Terts Brinkhoff, the inspiring creator of The Parade theatre festival. The garden of the popular venue Tolhuistuin is the winter venue of choice this year.

Creator Terts Brinkhoff started the Parade over 30 years ago, with a grand image in his head of an inside-out circus where the initiative would lie with the audience and the individual artists. His festival was named The Parade, after the term "parade maken", which was what carnival performers did to attract people to their tents.

Book your tickets to Winter Parade

Entrance tickets cost 6 euros. It costs 4 euros for children aged 12-17 and it's entirely free for children aged 11 and younger - so why not plan a night out for the whole family? Certain concerts cost an additional 10 euros. Make your reservation on the Winter Parade website.

Photo: Luis Xertu Winter Parade Amsterdam

Thumb photo credit: Sofie Simao