Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

Oct 26, 2021Oct 31, 2021
Cinerama Movie Theatre, Westblaak 18, 3012KL

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, as its name suggests, is a film festival dedicated to wildlife documentaries.

Watch wildlife films together

In the current state of the climate crisis, it’s important to make the beauty of nature visible for a wide audience. Films are going to be shown at the Cinerama film theatre in Rotterdam. Safety, hygiene and social distancing are of the highest priority at the cinema.

From iconic animals of the Serengeti to snowy expanses of Antarctica, and from bee pollination to endangered species, the offerings at this year's edition of the festival are impressively broad, covering so many fascinating topics on nature and how people interact with it, for better or for worse.

If you love nature programmes, you're in for a treat. Sir David Attenborough and Dame Jane Goodall are among the important wildlife experts and presenters featured in the films, which lay bare the problems faced in our climate emergency, while also suggesting solutions to how we can take steps to reverse climate change.

Photo: Land of the Far North, courtesy of WFFR Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam Land of the Far North

Get your tickets

Tickets for screenings in the cinema have already begun. Get your tickets on the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam website. The site is in Dutch, but a lot of the films are in English, so this is an ideal event for expats!

 Photo: Okavango, courtesy of WFFR Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam Okavango

Thumb photo: Big Cats of the Serengeti, courtesy of WFFR