May 24, 2018Jun 02, 2018
RAUM, Berlijnplein 520, 3541 CN
24,50 euros (15 euros for students)

Wiek has been dubbed “an almost hypnotic theatre experience” by the Dutch Telegraaf newspaper. When it was premiered back in 2009, Wiek proved to be a resounding success with audiences at Dutch theatre festivals. Now it’s back with a brand-new cast and a new compelling twist.

Masterful dance and theatre

This masterful dance and theatre performance inhabits a theatre-in-the-round setting with large rotating blades in constant motion. The struggles conveyed – confrontation and entrapment – are enough to set the viewer’s senses into overdrive. It’s as though the audience acts as a barricade, encircling the dancers. There is no escape and no time to stand still, a struggle against humanity.

The theatre company Schweigman& could not have found a more perfect venue for Wiek: it will be performed at the public exhibition space known as RAUM in Utrecht in late May and early June. This location is a melting pot of cultural experiments and interdisciplinary installations and events, where art and design resonate with the people who move within the space. You can also catch Wiek at the Zeeland Nazomerfestival at the end of August.

About the performers

Schweigman& is an Utrecht-based theatre company spearheaded by Boukje Schweigman who delivers playful and penetrating performances to audiences around the world. Schweigman&'s shows are often startling sensory experiences, taking the spectator beyond what would normally be expected at a theatre performance.

Book your tickets

It is advisable to book your tickets in advance. Tickets for Wiek range from 15 euros to 24,50 euros and the performance lasts approximately 80 minutes. Find out more about Wiek on the Schweigman& website.