The first contact with new people - workshop for expats

The first contact with new people - workshop for expats

Jun 09, 2018
1pm until 4.30pm
Seven, Mariaplaats 7, 3511 LH
4,99 euros

Do you recognise the following?:
“As an expat, I find problems approaching and connecting with people!”
“I want to increase my self-esteem”
“My social life in The Netherlands could sure use a boost”

Then join us for the workshop from WeSocialCOMMUNITY, where we will focus on these intentions.

Connect by being your authentic self

On Saturday the 9th of June, we empower you to step outside your comfort zone and take meaningful actions in order to connect with people while being your authentic self. Note: only 12 people can sign up as we would like to give you our personal attention.

At this social workshop, you will be guided to learn from your own experiences. We will take two journeys: one within to connect with yourself using our guided meditation; and you will also go with us outside on the streets of Utrecht to expand your comfort zone in front of other people using some of our carefully selected exercises. Such experiences, we have found, shall give you new insights on letting go of others’ opinions, rejections and not knowing what to say.

Learn and experience

What you are going to learn and experience in this workshop:

  • How to start a conversation
  • How to carry on the conversation and connect
  • How to connect with yourself
  • BONUS: you will go with us on the streets to actually experience getting in contact with others

Naturally, the learning process is not going to be all “sunshine and rainbows”. Know that there will be some ups and downs in your personal development. If you are open to this, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop will be given by Rishabh Dev Sharma. He is a trainer at WeSocialCOMMUNITY. Being an expat himself, and having lived in four different countries in the past, he often struggled with loneliness and the inability to really connect with new people. With the help of various mentors, he then began his journey to slowly but steadily break out of his comfort zone and be open to creating more meaningful relationships. This journey also brought him closer to himself. It is now his personal mission to empower others to do the same.

Apply quickly to confirm your place

It is needless to say, having a healthy social life is a basic human need – something that we as expats can at times neglect owing to our busy lives. So, apply quickly to confirm your place!

During the workshop we will also offer a 1-on-1 Masterclass as the follow-up step to continue on your personal growth in the area of creating a healthier social life. This includes your relationship with others, and yourself.

Sign up on the WeSocialMen ticket page and we will meet each other on Saturday the 9th!
NOTE: only 12 people can sign-up.