Webinar: How to roll over your 401k into an individual retirement account

Webinar: How to roll over your 401k into an individual retirement account

Oct 09, 2019
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Beacon Financial Education is proud to present an information session on how to convert your 401k into an individual retirement account (IRA) online, from the comfort of your home! If you're an expat who has previously worked in the US, then this free webinar could be just what you've been looking for!

Personal finance webinar brought to you by Beacon

For the last couple of years, Beacon Financial Education has been regularly hosting financial awareness seminars in the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Almere, Eindhoven & Maastricht.

Although these seminars have been well attended, Beacon knew there was a larger group out there for whom it was either too far away or too inconvenient to travel into the city for a 1,5-hour session, even though the topics would be very relevant to them.

Financial education webinars have proven to be the ideal medium to educate Americans and US-connected persons in all corners of the Netherlands - and in other European countries as well - about organising their personal finances while living abroad.

Have you worked in the United States? If so, do you have a 401k? This season, Beacon Financial Education will host a number of webinars for Americans and expats from other countries who have worked in the US.

Take control of your finances

This webinar, for non-Americans with a 401k, explores why it would perhaps be beneficial for them to convert these retirement plans into an individual retirement account (IRA).

What to expect in the webinar

The webinar, brought to you by Beacon, will provide insights on how to take control of your 401k. This involves:

  • Better investment choices
  • Lower costs
  • Flexibility of withdrawals
  • More control
  • Wealth transfer advantages

Dedicated to helping improve your financial health

Being predominantly well-educated and highly skilled, expats often have a better understanding of personal finance than the average person. However, that additional layer of working in multiple countries, having to do taxes in more than one country and having retirement plans in numerous countries, can complicate people’s financial planning for the future. 

Internationals are increasingly concerned that they will not have the financial means to continue to live the lifestyle they currently have or envision for themselves in the future. Investing, for example, is considerably more challenging for someone working overseas, as is doing taxes, especially for Americans and those with a US nexus.

And lastly, expatriates who have worked in the United States often leave the country with their retirement money still stuck in a 401k. These are just some of the concerns the team at Beacon Financial Education is familiar with.

Being expats as well, Beacon shares your frustrations and worries. They apprehend the challenges you face, and, like you, they want to manage their wealth in the best possible way: to be financially healthy, financially free and financially independent.

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"Your Money. Your Wealth. Our Guidance."

Beacon is dedicated to serving the expat community. They aim to help and guide you in gaining and maintaining control of your financial health. The above webinars have been designed in response to questions from people they've met during their seminars and other networking opportunities.

If you want to know more about a certain topic, please feel free to contact Beacon, and perhaps they can even devote a webinar to the subject of your interest. After all, what’s troubling you could easily be occupying your colleague’s or friend’s mind as well.

Also, should you wish to host a seminar on a specific personal finance topic, at your workplace or at a club you are a member of, come and talk to Beacon. Together you can construct a seminar of interest to you and your fellow expats.

Upcoming webinar schedule

Aside from “How to Rollover Your 401k into an IRA” (on October 9 and November 20) – the following webinars are scheduled for this season:

  • “How to offset your U.S. tax liabilities with an investment portfolio”: September 10 and October 23
  • “Understanding the financial implications of being an American expat”: September 25 and November 6
  • “Getting your finances ready for 2020”: December 4 and 18

About Beacon Financial Education

The Beacon Financial Education team consists of cross border professionals. They are away from home – just like you – and have lived in multiple countries themselves, so they understand the challenges you are facing when it comes to doing your finances, identifying tax strategies, dealing with cross-border retirement plans and the tax laws of several countries.

Beacon Financial Education provides free information – through tailor-made seminars, webinars and newsletters, all to fulfil the international’s need for financial control, stability and simplicity.

They will host a number of different webinars over the next few months. Browse the Beacon Financial Education website to see their up-to-date event list.

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