Webinar: Financing your business in the Netherlands

Webinar: Financing your business in the Netherlands

Mar 28, 2019
11am and 8pm
Free (registration required)

Register now for the free webinar "Financing your business in the Netherlands", which will be broadcast on March 28 at 11am and at 8pm CET.

Webinar about financing your business in the Netherlands

What do you need to know about financing your business in the Netherlands? What are the options and which steps do you need to take? The free webinar will answer all your questions and will be broadcast on March 28, 2019. It is organised by Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and

If you want to watch this webinar and discuss your questions with a team of experts, please register via the link

During this free webinar, several financial experts, as well as entrepreneurs, will talk about finance-related topics and share their expertise and experiences about financing a business in the Netherlands. You will be able to ask your questions during the broadcast, and an expert chat team will reply.

Do you already have a specific question? Please mention this when registering so that the webinar hosts can answer it during the broadcast. 

Topics that will be discussed

  • What does the Dutch financial sector / climate look like, and how does it work?
  • How do I prepare my funding application?
  • What are the options for funding in the Netherlands?
  • How do I give the perfect pitch?

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