Vincent meets Rembrandt: The Untold Story

Vincent meets Rembrandt: The Untold Story

Jul 08, 2023Dec 31, 2023
16,50 euros for a standard ticket

Experience the incredible creations of two famous Dutch painters at Noorderkerk in Amsterdam this year!

Timeless classics

Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh are objectively two of the most famous Dutch painters, and their work is still enjoyed and relevant today. Although Vincent van Gogh’s style was prominently focused on Post-Impressionism, his work was heavily influenced by Rembrandt’s Baroque masterpieces.

In Vincent meets Rembrandt: The Untold Story, visitors will be able to experience an ever-changing 360-degree canvas in the ancient walls of the Noorderkerk. The experience unfolds how Vincent van Gogh was influenced by Rembrandt in his Amsterdam period, and how this reflected in his paintings and etchings.

Walking tour

There is also the opportunity to take a walking tour through Jordaan, where an experienced guide and art historian takes visitors through the iconic neighbourhood in Amsterdam for an hour and a half. The tour details how the neighbourhood impacted the two painters, and how the area is emulated in their work, namely the former studio of Rembrandt and the canal house where Vincent van Gogh met the love of his life.

The tour starts and ends at Noorderkerk and is priced at 42,50 euros which includes the price for the Vincent meets Rembrandt: The Untold Story experience at the Noorderkerk.

Appreciate these masterpieces at Vincent meets Rembrandt: The Untold Story

Interested in attending this immersive event? Head over to the official Vincent meets Rembrandt: The Untold Story website for more information on dates, timings, and everything else. It is important to note that the experience contains many visual and auditory stimuli that create a multi-sensory experience, but can be triggering for those who may have photosensitive epilepsy.