Veggie Food Fair

Veggie Food Fair

Oct 06, 2017Oct 08, 2017
10am - 5pm

The National (Vrij Van) Veggie Food Fair is the place to be for foodies who are looking for allergy-proof products and other foods that meet special requirements and convictions.

It is a leading consumer’s fair in the field of vegan and other special lifestyle foods.

Main themes are gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and vegan foods. These will be covered extensively with cooking demonstrations, presentations and tasting sessions.

Nourishing alternatives

Consumers who decide on a vegan or other lifestyle that excludes specific foods are influenced by all kinds of decisions - health, animal welfare, the environment and more. This has led the Veggie Food Fair to search for nourishing alternatives like nuts, seeds, soy and other products that supply protein and other nutrients.

The continuous search for natural and healthy properties of food means that needs and demands are ever growing and changing in the special food industry, a subject which will be covered extensively at the fair.

What to do at the fair

Visitors will have opportunities to taste all kinds of foods for free at the various stands. Speakers and chefs will be offering information and tips about vegan and gluten free recipes, foods and diets.

There will also be various organic products on offer with special discounts, and every visitor will receive a treat to take home with them.