Vegetarian Restaurant Week in the Netherlands

Vegetarian Restaurant Week in the Netherlands

Mar 09, 2020Mar 15, 2020
Various Locations throughout the Netherlands
Various prices

For a week across the Netherlands, vegetarian restaurants will be offering special discounts and deals, as part of National Week Without Meat (Nationale Week Zonder Vlees), an initiative that has also been taken up by supermarkets and stores across the country.

Vegetarian cuisine at a great price

This new event follows in the footsteps of the Netherlands' successful National Restaurant Week and will include the country's top-rated vegetarian restaurants. With restaurants, cafes and eateries all across the country participating, there's guaranteed to be something on offer for you.

Whether you're a vegetarian on a limited budget or simply curious to try out some vegetarian dining options other than your most tried-and-trusted home recipes, then you'll adore Vegetarian Restaurant Week in many Dutch cities

Vegetarian dining at a discount

The aim of Vegetarian Restaurant Week is to encourage people to eat less meat and to enjoy a treat at their local vegetarian establishments at an affordable price. This is particularly ideal if you are curious about eating at places that would not normally be accessible to you.

You may even find some local treats - after all, traditional Dutch food is not all about frikandellen and bitterballen. It includes many vegetarian options, too!

Book a table

To make it easier to book a table, the event’s organisers have made an easy-to-use list of participating restaurants per city. You can find it on the Vegetarian Restaurant Week website.

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