Valentine's Shopping Night at Royal Coster Diamonds

Valentine's Shopping Night at Royal Coster Diamonds

Feb 08, 2024
Paulus Potterstraat 6, 1071 CZ

Valentine's Shopping Night at Royal Coster Diamonds promises an enchanting evening filled with love, laughter and enchanting sparkles. Don't miss this special evening on February 8, when doors stay open until 8.30pm.

About Royal Coster Diamonds

With nearly 200 years of experience, Royal Coster Diamonds are experts in diamond cutting. They have created jewellery for Prince Napoleon, Empress Sisi and in 1852, the craftsmen of Royal Coster were chosen by Queen Victoria to re-polish the largest diamond in the world, the Koh-I-Noor.

Located in Museumplein in Amsterdam, Royal Coster Diamonds are at your service for diamond jewellery, high-end watches, tours and workshops. Join them if you want to become a diamond expert!

Valentine’s Shopping Night by Royal Coster Diamonds

As the day of love, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your affection and devotion to your special someone. Royal Coster Diamonds believes that there's no better way to convey your love than through the timeless elegance and brilliance of diamonds. Join the diamond by night experience!

A brief history of the heart-shaped diamond

Heart-shaped diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love, passion, and commitment. Their unique cut is a testament to centuries of craftsmanship and boasts an illustrious past with its royal lineage. In 1463, the world was introduced to the enchanting allure of heart-shaped diamonds during discreet conversations between the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, and his trusted confidant, Nicodemo. 

Their discussions revolved around a remarkable heart-shaped diamond that had captured their attention. It was during one of these dialogues that Sforza, to convey the value of literary treasures owned by the affluent and influential Cosimo de Medici, made a striking analogy: "He treasures a Titus Livy (referring to the works of the Roman historian Livy) as dearly as one might treasure a heart-shaped diamond."

This captivating historical account unveils the existence of heart-shaped diamonds as far back as the mid-1400s. The appeal of these heart-shaped gemstones, with their regal charm, quickly transcended royal circles and became a coveted symbol of extravagance, sought after by aristocrats of means who yearned to possess such opulent treasures.

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Why choose heart-shaped diamonds?

  1. Unparalleled symbolism: Heart-shaped diamonds are an embodiment of love. They capture the essence of your feelings and showcase them in the most beautiful way possible.
  2. Exquisite craftsmanship: Heart-shaped diamonds are the most difficult cut of them all. The master artisans have meticulously cut and crafted each heart-shaped diamond to perfection, ensuring that they radiate the most brilliant sparkle with the maximum fire.
  3. Versatility: Whether set in a pendant, a ring, or a pair of earrings, heart-shaped diamonds are versatile and can be customised to suit your loved one's unique style. Experience the magic at Royal Coster Diamonds.

During Valentine's Shopping Night, you'll have the opportunity to explore the collections in Royal Coster's newly renovated boutique. Take advantage of their current offers and drop by for some free one-to-one advice with their experts. For those who desire something truly unique, Royal Coster also offers customisation services to bring your dream design to life.

A night of romance

Royal Coster Diamonds' Valentine's Shopping Night promises an enchanting evening filled with love, laughter and enchanting sparkles. Save the date and make your Valentine's Day unforgettable! 

Oldest diamond polishing factory

Founded in 1840, Royal Coster Diamonds is the oldest still-active diamond polishing factory in the world. Situated at Museumplein in the very heart of Amsterdam, the "City of Diamonds", Royal Coster is globally renowned. It's known for its craftsmanship, passion and has the honour of having the largest diamond inventory in Europe, as well as its approachable environment for customers worldwide.

Since 1840, Royal Coster continues to offer a variety of tailored services for your diamonds and jewellery. The rite of passage for all new visitors are the tours of the polishing zones, where you can get a glimpse into the process of refining diamonds and setting them.

Certifications, masterclasses and workshops are only some of the many services you can find at Royal Coster Diamonds. Visit the Royal Coster Diamonds website to discover their current offers.

Attend Valentine's Shopping Night at Royal Coster Diamonds

Get ready for Valentine's Shopping Night at Royal Coster Diamonds on February 8. Save the date and make your Valentine's Day unforgettable! Doors are open until 8.30pm, via the new entrance, at Paulus Potterstraat 6, 1071 CZ Amsterdam. The other entrance, at Paulus Potterstraat 2, is open during normal business hours (9am-5pm).

Additionally, from January 12 until February 9 you can benefit from a free inspection and cleaning service for your jewellery, with the "Resparkle" service. For all other tailor-made experiences, appointments can be made through the Royal Coster Diamonds website or by phone at 020 3055 555.