Utrecht Region Live | A free online event for internationals

Utrecht Region Live | A free online event for internationals

Feb 15, 2021Feb 19, 2021

Do you want to learn about the Dutch language and culture? Or buy a house? Or are you looking for information about the Dutch education or healthcare system? Look no further: the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region is holding a week-long online event for internationals to familiarise themselves with life in the Netherlands and the Utrecht region.

What can you expect at Utrecht Region Live?

Here's what's on at Utrecht Region Live, the free online event for internationals about living in Utrecht Region:

Free webinars

From Monday, February 15 until Friday, February 19, you can attend webinars on the topics of Dutch Culture & Language, Education & Childcare, Healthcare, Housing and Taxes. Partners of the International Welcome Centre will provide you with useful information and answer your questions during the webinar’s Q&A session. Participation is free – you only need to register on the event’s website. 

Information hub

The event’s website is also an information hub with valuable resources covering the themes mentioned above. And if you have any questions left unanswered, you can make an appointment with the Welcome Centre’s information officers for further help and guidance. 

Meet new people

And last but not least, you can meet people in a 3D world. Sounds fun right? You can walk around freely on a virtual tropical island and forest. Talk to people with your webcam as your head and have fun. Try playing virtual basketball or tell campfire tales. It feels like being together. Give it a try


Sign up for this free online event

Click here to visit the event’s webpage – no registration needed. Questions? Contact the International Welcome Centre at [email protected] or by visiting their website. Enjoy!

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