UNLEASH World Conference & Expo

UNLEASH World Conference & Expo

Oct 23, 2018Oct 24, 2018
Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ

UNLEASH is the biggest HR tech event in the world and one of the fastest-growing international shows about the future of work and technology, with over 250 speakers and over 250 sessions across 16 stages. Its flagship show UNLEASH World Conference & Expo takes place on October 23 and 24 at the Amsterdam RAI.

High-calibre thought leaders

This remarkable conference introduces speakers who are high-calibre thought leaders, tech disruptors and innovators, who give compelling talks about the key components of success when it comes to the future of work. UNLEASH is famous for attracting figures like Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and countless others.

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The future of work and technology

What does the future hold, in terms of work and technology? UNLEASH gives you a broad, well-rounded insight into what we can look forward to seeing more of: intelligent technologies, a new vision of globalisation and socio-economic and political disruption. Leaders of organisations therefore have a responsibility to stay vibrant, agile and innovative.

The success of work in the future lies in how good we are at unleashing our humanity, positive workplace relations and wellbeing.

Headline speakers at UNLEASH

Esther Perel and Matthieu Ricard will headline the UNLEASH World Conference & Expo

Esther Perel 

Drawing on her experience as a relationship therapist for over 30 years, Esther Perel will provide tools for creating thriving workplace relationships between co-workers, bosses and business partners. Perel is the host of the award-winning podcast “Where Should We Begin?” and is a popular TedTalk speaker.

Matthieu Ricard

A Buddhist monk and a humanitarian who has been dubbed by some as “the happiest person in the world”, French author Matthieu Ricard, will be closing the keynote conference with his talk on happiness and altruism, sharing wisdom and scientific insights regarding happiness.

Other keynotes and speakers at UNLEASH

Stefan Hyttfors, Andrew Keen, Cecile Heuch, Josh Bersin, Joy Xu, Chris Barton, Margaret Greenleaf, Brian Humphries, Jochen Wallisch, Carolanne Minashi, Hein Knaapen, Kerrie-Ann Stein-Goujon, Raj Verma, Bob van Ierland, Samantha Woods, Nico Orie, Rosa Lee, Olivier Lo Monaco, Klara Jappelova, Marcus Millership, Rodolphe Guerin, Stefan Heeke, Jeranne Koekkoek, Dominik Hahn, Xavier Durochat

What to expect at UNLEASH Conference and Expo 

As well as pre-eminent speakers, new companies will start on the path to success at the UNLEASH startup competition. Visitors can enjoy a showcase of vendors, networking, conferences, breakout sessions, a cocktail party and interactivity between large enterprises, global giants and independent entrepreneurs. 

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