TodaysArt Festival The Hague

TodaysArt Festival The Hague

Sep 21, 2018Sep 23, 2018
The Hague
Festival Pass 70 euros; Day pass from 30 euros

TodaysArt Festival The Hague

TodaysArt celebrates art, music and technology, showing the work of 200 artists from 25 countries, who present their creative vision and creations in striking new ways. 

TodaysArt: A 72-hour audiovisual spectacle

This year’s festival is going to be a 72-hour audiovisual spectacle, bringing visitors into an artworld made of lasers, moving objects, code, light and images, touching on our current relationship with technology. The cutting edge artworks and installations at this year's TodaysArt festival programme are mind-blowing.

Here are some of them:

Circuit Fulldome Tour

The Fulldome is a 360-degree dome measuring about 14 meters in diameter, full of live visuals. Created by the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) from Montreal, the dome hosts five shows by five different line-ups.



This intriguing installation, Manufactory, is like a multi-layered factory floor in which the audience experience new meanings from repetitive elements of choreography, live video, dance, music and physical theatre telling an abstract story of manufacturing, from early craft workers to the modern-day factory. This is brought to you by Transforma and Sascha Ring (Apparat).


The world’s very first neural analogue synthesiser is presented in this biotechnological work cellF, by Guy Ben-Ary, Nathan Thompson, Andrew Fitch and Darren Moore.

Les Terristoires Ephemeres

This audiovisual performance by Russian DJ Dasha Rush breaks new ground in contemporary art. Les Terristoires Ephemeres involves a collaboration with dancer/performer Valentin Tszin and visual artist Stanislav Glazov.


Exploring film tropes, abstract culture, game ephemera and internet esoterica, Oneohtrix Point Never presents MYRIAD, the concertscape intallaition, which has been given a five-star rating by the Guardian.


Embryogenesis brings together classical and modern dance styles that twist and collide, by the Berlin-based DJ and producer Lotic and choreographer and dancer Roderick George.


Space Time Helix

This giant vertical ever-changing beam of light is at the centre of Space Time Helix  by Michela Pelusia, bringing together light, matter and sound, inspired by particle physics.

Light Leaks

Jonas Jongejan and Kyle McDonald present Light Leaks consisting of a dark room, three projectors, 50 disco balls giving off an immersive shower of light particles.


Japanese artist Daito Manabe presents phosphere, a three-dimensional performance with dancers synchronised with audio visual components, mirrors, smoke machines, lasers and video projectors that interact with the dancers.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the centre of HYPER_HOLOGRAM, an underground work of art by c/a (pronounced "c slash a"), who are pioneering the idea of magical digitalism.

TodaysArt 2018 Venues

  • Theater aan het Spui
  • Fulldome Satosphere at Spuiplein
  • The Grey Space
  • HOOP
  • Bleyenberg
  • Grote Maarkt Outdoor Stage
  • Royal City Theatre (Koninklijk Stadsschouwberg)
  • De Stille

Buy your tickets to Today’s Art

Plan your visit and book your tickets on the Today’s Art website. Day passes are 30 euros on Sunday and 45 euros on the other days. The full festival pass is 70 euros.