Theatre Festival Boulevard

Aug 02, 2017Aug 12, 2017
Venues around Den Bosch

Theatre Festival Boulevard is the largest site-specific performance festival in the south of the Netherlands. It plays host to more than 100 unique theatre, dance and musical shows over the course of 11 days at sites around Den Bosch.

About Theatre Festival Boulevard

Theatre Festival Boulevard has made it its mission to give talented performance artists a platform on which to hone and present their craft.

With a focus on developing talent, the organisers actively search for engaging artists from around the Benelux to participate in the festival.

Once underway, the various venues and sites around Den Bosch become a meeting place and bridge between artists, visitors, fans, sponsors and others in the performance industry.

In recent years, the selected participants have increasingly addressed topics surrounding developments in civil society, standards and the role of ideals, both now and in the future.

This has resulted in inspired and confronting work for which the festival has become renowned.

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Programme accessible to all languages

Various performances are accessible to people who do not speak Dutch.

Mariachi Reloaded

Reinventing the Mariachi.

Imitation of Life

A cinematographic, poetic and provocative Hungarian masterpiece about the dregs of society.

Kalakuta Republik

A dance show inspired by Fela Kuti, political activist and founder of the Afrobeat.


An invitation into contemporary dance from various countries.


Trans-performer Danni Mariblanca explores his fraught relationship with femininity.


A hip hop dancer and choreographer shares his fascination with combustion.