Tax & Housing Webinar: Second home landlord strategies 2024

Tax & Housing Webinar: Second home landlord strategies 2024

May 22, 2024
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Learn about buying a house to rent it out to tenants

Renting out a property has been subject to many changes recently. In the last months, many private investors have been wondering whether it is still profitable to rent out a property. Mortgage advisor Ilse van Rijn will update you on the important aspects of renting out a property in the upcoming webinar.

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Buying a new home for rental purposes or renting out your current home

Are you considering purchasing a home for rental purposes or perhaps renting out the existing home? If so, there are a number of important rules to consider. Think about the rules of the municipality, but also of the lender. At the moment you are going to invest in real estate, the rules of the government will also play an important role in determining the long-term return.

Is it profitable to rent out a property?

When determining the return for the property you own for rental purposes, it is important to be aware of the latest developments. Consider the reasonable rent you are allowed to charge for the property based on the point ratio, the terms of the rental agreement, the "Box 3 wealth tax" and the charges for financing the property for the return on investment. This together determines whether it is profitable to rent out a property.

Webinar: Second Home Landlord Strategies

Point system

The point system for the property is very important. This determines whether the rent is capped. If the house is in the social sector, the rent in 2024 will be capped at 879,66 euros per month based on the maximum points. If the house is currently in the free sector, the rent is not (yet) capped. The number of points depends on the WOZ value, the area, the number of heated rooms and luxury aspects of the house.

Capital gains tax

If you rent out a property, this will fall into "Box 3" according to the tax authorities. This means that you will have to pay tax on the return. In recent years the taxes in Box 3 have changed considerably.

The tax authorities want to start taxing based on the actual return, but is this already certain? In August the verdict of the high council is expected and then we will definitely know what the taxes in Box 3 will look like. During the webinar, Ilse will tell you about the Box 3 tax information we have now.


When considering buying a new home for rental purposes or renting out the current home, there are a number of important things to consider. Of course, the question is what impact this will have on the possibilities of purchasing a new home for your own use, but this certainly does have tax consequences. What are the higher monthly costs when not investing your profit of your previous home?

If the property is going to be rented out, the lender would have to give permission at all times. For the permanent rental of a property, you need to have a rental mortgage. The interest rate will be higher than for a regular mortgage.

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