Summer Immersions at Taalhuis Amsterdam

Summer Immersions at Taalhuis Amsterdam

Jul 22, 2024Aug 03, 2024
Muiderstraat 24, 1011 RC
320 euros per course

The best place to learn a language is of course in the country itself. Whether you want to order a drink at a bar, ask for directions or have a Dutch conversation on birthdays, you want to get completely immersed in the language.

In the Netherlands, it might be a bit more difficult though, as many Dutch people tend to respond in English. But luckily, the Summer Immersions at Taalhuis Amsterdam are here to help! 

Dutch summer immersion weeks with Taalhuis Amsterdam

The courses take place between July 22 and August 3 and consist of five days with three hours of lessons per day. At the end of each course, there is an excursion outside the classroom where you can practise what you have learned. 

You’ll almost only speak in Dutch, the groups are small, and the atmosphere is summery (hopefully, as we’re still in the Netherlands, after all). So if you still have one or two weeks of holiday, you know how to spend it in a useful (and fun!) way.

You can follow both A1.1 and A1.2 or A1.2 and A2.1 in a row. You could also opt to do only one week and one level.

Dutch summer immersion course at Taalhuis Amsterdam

Summer immersion courses

Each immersion course at Taalhuis Amsterdam takes place from Monday to Friday with an excursion on Saturday. These are the Dutch summer immersion courses:

Dutch A1.1 (July 22-26)

In this Dutch beginner’s course, you’ll learn the basics of the Dutch language and get ready to order your coffee, do your groceries and visit a restaurant in the Netherlands. 

Dutch A1.2 (July 22-26; July 29 - August 3)

After the beginner’s course, you can immediately move on to the second A1.2 summer course, in which you’ll learn the past tenses, as well as how to describe your house, go to the doctor and very importantly: get your bike repaired.

Dutch A2.1 (July 29 - August 3)

In this Dutch A2.1 course, you’ll get familiar with small talk on Dutch birthdays and talk about sports and hobbies while you polish your grammar skills by using reflexive and separable verbs. 

About Taalhuis Amsterdam

Taalhuis Amsterdam is a house for languages, located in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can learn and improve your Dutch and Mediterranean languages, together with a team of language lovers who have a thrill for text, literature, grammar, culture and delicious coffee. Taalhuis offers group training, private training and tailored in-company workshops, as well as various text and interpreting services.

The Taalhuis team believes that learning a language is more than just books, vocabulary and grammar. They therefore teach in small groups, with as little level difference as possible, creating a safe and “gezellige” atmosphere for all students. The classes are mostly taught in the target language with books in the target language using a communicative approach. Class time is primarily used to train your speaking skills.

Taalhuis also believes that language and culture go hand in hand, so organises events outside the classroom. Follow Taalhuis on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date and know more about new courses, events and the school in general!

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