Space Expo presents Mission at the Museum

Space Expo presents Mission at the Museum

Sep 01, 2020Dec 31, 2020
ESA-ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, 2200 AG Noordwijk
Noordwijk aan Zee, The Hague
13,50 euros

Visit Europe’s biggest "Space Place" at the Space Expo!

In 2020, the Space Expo presents Mission at the Museum, a fascinating day out for all ages, from kids to students to young professionals.

Space Expo presents Mission at the Museum

Europe’s largest space centre is right near The Hague! Its annual open day is one of the most widely visited open days in the Netherlands, typically getting booked out quickly, but now there's a chance to visit in your own time, without the immense crowds! During the Space Expo's Mission at the Museum, the doors of this iconic organisation open up for all those who long to see its workings.

What is there to explore?

During Space Expo's Mission at the Museum, you will take a 60-minute specially devised corona-proof tour of the museum, where you'll leave earth behind and engage in the ins and outs of space travel. No matter what age you are, you're bound to come away with brand new insights on the life of an astronaut.

The youngest visitors (children aged 12 and under) receive a mission toolkit as part of their entrance fee, to help them complete their space mission. At the end, they will be granted special space diplomas signed by Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers and space author Sander Koenen.

Feast your eyes on objects that have actually been to space and stay up to date on big current developments in space travel. Gain insights from space mission experts, see how they simulate space on the ground and discover the knowledge and technologies brought back to Earth from space.

About ESA and the Space Expo

ESA stands for European Space Agency. ESTEC is a large building complex, full of laboratories and testing facilities to prepare satellites for their voyages. The comet hunter Rosetta was developed right in this very test centre.

Meanwhile, the Space Expo, which acts as the visitor centre for the ESA, is Europe’s first permanent space exhibition. It's easily reachable from Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden

Buy your Space Expo tickets

Register for tickets on the Space Expo website to secure your place in Space Expo presents Mission at the Museum at the European Space Centre. Standard adult tickets cost 13,50 euros and tickets for children cost the same price but with an added bonus - a mission toolkit!

Learning about space doesn't stop there. There are so many other aspects of space to discover in the Netherlands. Many visitors to Space Expo will also find planetariums and observatories interesting.



Thumb image: ESA–G. Porter

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