SLS Car Classic

SLS Car Classic

Aug 29, 2019Sep 01, 2019

The 56th edition of the SLS Car Classic will start on August 29 in Nürburg, Germany and finish on September 1 in Scheveningen on the Dutch coast.

Be a spectator at one of the most scenic car events

The 2019 SLS route runs through the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium. The event is the embodiment of a scenic route and the organisers make sure that the route is also challenging for its participants! 

The event is well known for its warm, friendly atmosphere, and at the same time, its competitive nature. The competitors enjoy camaraderie and the afterparty is not to be underestimated. At the finish, which, traditionally, is located in Scheveningen, there is fun to be had to celebrate the culmination of a great feat.

Celebrate at the finish line in Scheveningen

The new, modernized boulevard south of the Kurhaus Hotel is a hive of activity. It has different elevation levels for cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles, as well as being a defence against the sea and keeping Scheveningen secure. It offers both protection against coastal erosion and the perfect location for hosting an international automobile event. 

What better place to have the finish line than Scheveningen boulevard, where, after looking at vintage cars, you can choose between a stroll on the beach, a walk on the famous pier, or a delicious lunch at one of the many eateries on the boulevard. 

Plan your visit to the SLS Car Classic

Whether you are a driver or a spectator, you're in for a treat. SLS uses specific time schedules and keeps to an average speed of 50 km per hour. Find out more about the schedule by checking the SLS Classic website for the most up-to-date information.