Salt Market Scheveningen

Salt Market Scheveningen

Apr 06, 2024Jun 09, 2024
The Hague

Inhale the salty sea air, take a stroll along the beach, listen to the sounds of the North Sea and enjoy the bustling Salt Market in Scheveningen. The renewed Nordboulevard is a lively spot, attracting locals, tourists, families with kids and international students on day trips from other Dutch cities.

The boulevard next to the beach at Scheveningen hosts Salt Market, one of the most lively markets taking place on various weekends from April throughout the summer and right up until October. Check out the different stalls, offering many things including crafts, textiles, children's toys and tasty food.

A market by the sea

For much of the year, it's pretty chilly for swimming, but you might still fancy a day out at the most famous seaside resort in the Netherlands, strolling, browsing and treating yourself to a tasty snack from one of the stalls. In spring and summer, you couldn't ask for a better location for this one-of-a-kind market!

Not only was Nordboulevard built to provide protection against coastal erosion, but it was also intended as a broad walkway and a perfect location for hosting a large market. After strolling, browsing and shopping in the Salt Market, visitors are spoilt for choice between the beach, the famous pier and all the amazing eateries where you can sit, relax and warm up with some Dutch food.

Here are the dates of the upcoming editions of Salt Market Scheveningen in 2024:

  • April 6-7
  • May 9-12
  • June 8-9

Getting to Salt Market Scheveningen 

Scheveningen is only about 15 minutes from the centre of The Hague by public transport or by bike. From Hollands Spoor and The Hague Central railway stations, take trams 1, 9 or 11. Bus 22 and 23, which go in the direction of Scheveningen, also pass through the city centre of The Hague. Check out the Salt Market website for more information.