Royal Theatre Carré: Blindness Live with Juliet Stevenson

Royal Theatre Carré: Blindness Live with Juliet Stevenson

Mar 08, 2022Mar 12, 2022
Amstel 115-125, 1018 EM, Amsterdam
From 19 euros

It is time to put an end to this bizarre pandemic together. Therefore, Carré has taken the initiative to produce the unique international performance Blindness in a renewed version, with Juliet Stevenson live on stage. A combination of a hi-tech audiovisual experience with a captivating monologue from one of the best British actresses, played in the arena and on the stage of Carré from March 8 to March 12. Get your tickets now!

Be blown away

Juliet Stevenson makes you see and feel the changing society; she whispers in your ear and takes you on a tour of the “City of the Blind."  The performance is based on the book of the same name by Nobel Prize winner José Saramago. Carré invites you to put on headphones and let yourself be blown away by a topical performance, one that you rarely experience.

Blindness is brilliantly too close for comfort… an exquisitely told story of resilience, violence, and hope.” ★★★★ THE GUARDIAN
"Blindness is no ordinary theatrical experience, but then we live in extraordinary times" ★★★★ NEW YORK TIMES

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After London and New York, now back in Amsterdam in this new, exclusive version (only five performances) specially made for and performed in the Royal Theater Carré. Don't miss out on this amazing performance by Juliet Stevenson. Buy your tickets now!