Rotterdam Pop Week

Rotterdam Pop Week

Nov 01, 2019Nov 10, 2019

Rotterdam Pop Week is the 10-day festival of pop music in the electrifying city of Rotterdam. For 10 days each autumn, Holland’s favourite harbour city becomes the ultimate pop haven, with more bands than you can possibly imagine.

What to expect at Rotterdam Pop Week

Now in its seventh edition, the festival welcomes 30.000 visitors to 225 events at 125 different venues across the city. These mind-boggling numbers show how popular, vibrant and versatile the festival is.

Rotterdam Pop Week was established in 2013 by Popunie, to showcase the depth and breadth of the Rotterdam pop music scene and to encourage new pop music initiatives. Rotterdam is a city that is famous for its excellence in culture and the arts, and this, of course, includes its pop culture.

Bands and artists at Rotterdam Pop Week

There are over 225 events taking place during the festival in Rotterdam. Here's just the tip of the iceberg of a few featured artists: Curtis Harding and Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls, Thecolourgrey and Joshua J, Nana, Miguel Sucasas Music and Auxs and the EQs, Suzuki Junzo, Fuji, Stoflong, Dizzy Moon, Pely Barna and Brian Murphy, Levi Manner and Nikki Smits, Requiem for the Avardgardistic Age, Paddy Steer, Harry Merry DJ Kapsalon, Rotor, The Howl Ensemble, Massa, Silver Pockets Full, Watwatis and Friends.

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Rotterdam Pop Week Venues

You'll find events related to Rotterdam Pop Week in all kinds of different venues, from concert halls and theatres to bars and restaurants. Here are a few of the prime locations:

  • WORM
  • De Doelen
  • Bird
  • Hollywood Cafe de Kuip
  • Superdisco
  • Cafe de Pint
  • The VIP Room
  • Baroeg
  • Het Kootshuis
  • Lantaren Venster
  • Kino
  • Mono
  • Perron Culture Podium
  • Annabel
  • Grounds podium
  • Oude Luxor Theatre
  • Cafe Rincon Latino
  • Central District
  • Cafe de Riddert
  • ....and many more

Get your tickets 

Get tickets now and hear music from endless bands. Tickets and information about programmes and venues are available on the Rotterdam Pop Week website.

Other first-rate music festivals taking place this season include Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Mondriaan Jazz Festival and Jazz International Rotterdam.

Photo credit: Brian van Rensen Rotterdam Pop Week

Thumb photo: Bart Notermans