Roffa Mon Amour open-air cinema Rotterdam

Roffa Mon Amour open-air cinema Rotterdam

Aug 16, 2023Aug 27, 2023
Rotterdam, The Hague
11 euros

Roffa Mon Amour will bring you outdoor film nights from August 16-27 in Rotterdam. Self-described as “eccentric”, it is an interesting melting pot of eclectic kinds of film from all over the world, all shown out in the open air.

Old films, new films, arthouse films, cult films - there are so many genres and kinds to appeal to all tastes, no matter how unusual. Many films will have English subtitles, so it's ideal for expats!

Open-air cinema in Rotterdam

At Brutus in Rotterdam, the open-air cinema will be welcoming movie lovers from far and wide. There are three main categories at this year’s Roffa Mon Amour open-air film festival.

The categories are:

New Makers

The programming always looks for films by up-and-coming directors, particularly those who have released just one or two films to date.

Cinematic Favourites

Come and see classics, things that were likely to have been on your list of things to watch. This selection of films are by more established, well-known directors, but inextricably linked to the films by the New Makers in terms of inspiration and influence.

Cinema Concerts

Witness live electronic acts creating a score for shorts films, co-curated with artists from Operator and films from Go Short. These Cinema Concerts consist of two performances. 

Get your cinema tickets

Find out about tickets and cinema screenings and timetables on the Roffa Mon Amour website or browse the Facebook page.