Redhead Days

Redhead Days

Aug 23, 2019Aug 25, 2019
City centre
Free admission

If you're a natural redhead, auburn or ginger hair beauty then rejoice, as it is time for the annual get together of people with crimson hair. Every year, redheads from across the globe come together in the Netherlands at the largest gathering of its kind in the world!

Annual gathering of the Redheads

Every fall, cherry, copper and strawberry redheads from more than 80 countries are encouraged to pack up their bags (don't forget your sunscreen!) and head towards the south of the Netherlands for the annual Redhead Days. Taking place in Tilburg for this first time this year, whatever shade, style or form of red hair you have, everyone is welcome to attend.  

Redhead Days Group

Programme for Redhead Days 2019

The weekend event has a full-programme of different activities to ensure that all locals and non-Dutch participants feel welcomed and entertained.

Expect to attend a variety of events including workshops, photoshoots, a pub crawl, readings and lectures, exhibitions, special kid activities, live music and dancing of course. The gathering will officially open on Friday evening with a kick-off party before the main festival day, Sunday, when a unique group photo will be made of everyone in attendance. 

As per usual, all attendees are encouraged to bring their own mobile phones and cameras to record the gathering of bright, fiery manes. 

Non-red head family welcome

Although Redhead Days celebrates the uniqueness of cherry-toned hair colours, family, friends and loved ones of redheads with other hair colours are also welcome to attend and join in on the fun. 

For more details on the 2019 Redhead Days or to check out the full programme, head over to the official Redhead Days website.