Queer Film Festival Utrecht

Queer Film Festival Utrecht

Sep 01, 2023Sep 08, 2023
Bar Beton, Beton T, Utrecht Library, De Helling, Hoogt in Bieb Neude, Louis Hartlooper Complex, De Nijverheid, Villa Concordia
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Queer Film Festival Utrecht connects people through film. Since 2019, the Queer Film Festival Utrecht (QFFU) has made a name for itself as the LGBTQ+ film festival of Utrecht. Many of the films are either in English or have English subtitles, so it's ideal for internationals!

Thought-provoking films and side programmes at QFFU

The festival is renowned for its unique way of programming; combining LGBTQ+ films with an entertaining and deepening side programme. This year, the festival's theme is "Genderations: Queer Past, Present & Future". Through thought-provoking films and side programmes, QFFU explores the complexities of queer identities across the different generations.

Visibility and connection are the main aims of QFFU. Visibility on the big screen is important, as well as the fact that each individual from the LGBTQ+ community has their own story. That's why QFFU aims to tell as many stories as possible, for recognition, education and entertainment.

Among the many great films, there are also collaborations with other festivals, such as Kaboom animation festival and a screening of a "best of" compilation of films shown at the latest edition of Pink Film Days (Roze Film Dagen), which is the most prolific LGBTQ+ film festival in the Netherlands.

Watch LGBTQ+ films in nearly every neighbourhood of Utrecht

QFFU shows films throughout the city of Utrecht, in nearly every neighbourhood you can think of, from the city's arthouse cinemas and movie theatres like the Louis Hartlooper Complex, as well as in creative incubators like de Nijverheid and other well-known venues, such as the main library on the Neude square.

The fact that the film festival is spread so widely throughout the whole city and its outer suburbs makes QFFU unique in the Netherlands. What's more, part of the programme is free, providing a threshold that's as low as possible and therefore welcoming and accessible to all sections of society.

The main venues of the 2023 QFFU are:

  • Bar Beton at Utrecht Central Station
  • Beton T
  • Utrecht Library
  • De Helling
  • Hoogt in Bieb Neude
  • Louis Hartlooper Complex
  • De Nijverheid
  • Villa Concordia

Side programme of QFFU

QFFU is known for possessing an open-minded and accessible programme. Besides the films during the festival, attendees can enjoy an extensive range of fringe activities, with talk shows, music, spoken word and so much more. Throughout the year the organisers also host "Queer Cafés" in cooperation with the Utrecht Library, and there are other activities on the agenda that help reach as many people as possible.

It is very important to QFFU that a safe environment for all visitors of the festival is maintained. Organised entirely by volunteers, their core value is to create a place where everyone feels safe, accepted and respected and has the ability to show their true colours of the rainbow. 

Get your tickets

Get your tickets in advance on the QFFU website. All the locations are easy to reach by public transport or cycling and many of them are convenient to reach by foot from Utrecht Central Station.