Pub Quiz of the Dam'd

Pub Quiz of the Dam'd

Feb 25, 2021
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Many of us are looking forward to being able to attend face-to-face events again, but, of course, because of coronavirus, online social gatherings will have to do for now! That's why an Amsterdam-based cultural organisation is hosting online events like social cinema viewing sessions and pub quizzes - and they are proving successful!

A night full of trivia and fun

Pub Quiz of the Dam’d is a night full of trivia and fun! The quizmasters have come up with many rounds of questions on a broad range of topics: current affairs, world history, science, geography, literature and cinema. Join in with members of your household to be in with a chance of winning some cool prizes!

The social part of the quiz night takes place on Zoom, while the quiz itself will be hosted by the platform Kahoot. Players are recommended to use laptops rather than smartphones, and teams should be made up of members of the same household.

Each player will connect via Zoom, but when teams are formed, the answers will be given via the laptop of one person from each team. Something to bear in mind with online quizzes: points are given not only for correct answers but also for quick responses.

About the hosts

Cinema of the Dam’d is an organisation, based in Amsterdam, that brings movies to your comfy homes during corona times with their online platform for sharing films, called Dam’d Social Cinema. The idea is that audiences tune in to Twitch at a set time and stream films together, providing more of a community feel to online spaces. 

Nowadays, we can stream and download movies and TV shows at any time we like. But there’s something special about the connectedness of watching films at the same time as others, and Cinema of the Dam'd succeeds in bringing people together remotely through a shared love of film.

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