Project Fearless – inspiring bravery and leadership in Amsterdam

Project Fearless – inspiring bravery and leadership in Amsterdam

Feb 24, 2020Apr 17, 2020
Courses 8 weeks (see course details)
Various locations
Prices vary depending on the course

Project Fearless after-school courses are for girls aged 9 to 14, designed for participants to share experiences of stepping out of their comfort zones, meet diverse role models, and create an impact in their communities and beyond!

With the great success of their 2019 programmes, Project Fearless is back with more courses, more fearless fun and more opportunities for girls to break stereotypes and get out of their find their voice this spring!

Each course is designed to give girls the tools and the confidence to discover new passions, practice new skills and create new friendships. Project Fearless is all about fostering an environment that enables girls to meet girls outside of their existing circle of friends and form new bonds. 

“We are giving girls the space to create a lasting change in their communities and, in turn, find their voice - directly impacting how they approach their future.”

Project Fearless

Sign up for Project Fearless programmes

If you know of a 9 to 14-year-old girl who'd like to join in, check out the courses and sign up now. Registration ends on February 18 and space is limited. Courses begin the week of February 24. 

Mind & Movement Lab -  Move without limits

  • When: Mondays, February 24-April 13 at 4.15pm-6.15pm
  • Where: Mirror Centre, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam
  • Age: 9-12

This is for girls of all fitness levels - the coaches create an open and supportive environment. This course is focused on providing a judgment-free zone for girls to push past self-limiting thoughts, break stereotypes, support each other, and be themselves. Girls will be challenged to explore boxing, dance, yoga, High-Intensity Training and more. Project Fearless wants to build body confidence and equip young girls with strategies to promote positive self-esteem.

Project Fearless mind and movement

Design for Social Impact - Design thinking for social solutions

  • When: Tuesdays, February 25-April 14 at 4.30pm-6.30pm
  • Where: OBA Oosterdok (Central Public Library Amsterdam), Oosterdokskade 143, 1011DL Amsterdam
  • Age: 11-14

Did you know more than 1,3 million people in the Netherlands experience loneliness? Loneliness is a feeling we can all empathise with and something we cannot solve alone, which is why, this spring, Project Fearless is focusing on combating loneliness with the elderly. Working alongside a local social community in Amsterdam, they’ll inspire girls to work as a team to understand and ideate around problems their community is facing.

Project Fearless design

Skateboarding - Inspire, engage, empower

  • Where: Olympiaplein Skatepark, Olympiaplein, 1076 AM Amsterdam

Group 1 ages 9-11

  • When: Wednesdays, February 26-April 15 at 4.15pm-6.15pm

Group 2 ages 12-14 

  • When: Thursdays, February 27-April 16 at 4.30pm-6.30pm

In collaboration with Women Skate the World, Project Fearless believes that skateboarding can fuel girls' confidence and a belief that they can enable change. It teaches girls to push forward on their skateboards and, as a result, enable them to confidently push forward in life.

Project Fearless Skateboarding

Climate Science Meets Art - Creating impact through creativity

When: Thursdays, February 27-April 16 at 4.15pm-6.15pm
Where: OBA Oosterdok (Central), Oosterdokskade 143, 1011DL Amsterdam
Who: Girls aged 9-11 

In this course, the goal is to teach girls how individual action can be part of a solution to a global problem. Girls will explore the causes and impact of climate change and use artistic expression to communicate how we can tackle the climate crisis. Project Fearless will show girls how science and art connect and that an interest in one does not have to exclude the other. 

Project Fearless Art

Boxing - Strength, power, resilience

When: Fridays, February 28-April 17 at 4pm-6pm
Where: F45 Training, 6-8, Frederiksplein, 1017 XM Amsterdam
Who: Girls aged 9-14

Using the non-combative, technical skills of boxing, girls on this course will develop effective habits around focus, control and strength that they can take forward into all parts of their life. The course will demonstrate the difference between speed and power and help them understand the right moments and techniques to apply to the movements learned.

Project Fearless Boxing

Sign your child up for Project Fearless

Are you the parent / guardian of a brave and brilliant girl who would love to attend? Welcome to Project Fearless! Registration ends on February 18th and space is limited, so sign your child up for the Spring 2020 Project Fearless programmes while there's still time!