Prince's Festival

Prince's Festival

Sep 10, 2018Sep 18, 2018
Various locations
The Hague

Prince’s Festival is a celebration of the Dutch monarchy, centred around Prince’s Day. The days leading up to Prince’s Day are full of markets, concerts, a photo exhibition, cabaret, a hat fashion show and hat design competition and many more exciting activities in The Hague.

Every year a different province of the Netherlands is a co-creator of the Prince's Festival and this year that honour goes to the province of Gelderland.

Highlights of Prince’s Festival 2018

Prince’s Festival is primarily a celebration of the royals, but this year it is also a celebration of democracy. Here are some of the Prince's Festival programme highlights, many of them delving into the theme of democracy.

[Sept 10-13] Prince’s Estafette

The Prince’s Estafette is a relay walking race from Nijmegen to The Hague in four stages, from September 10-13. There will be approximately 100 hikers walking for free in each stage of the journey. When the hikers from the last stage of the race arrive in The Hague, they will be welcomed in the Grote Kerk and served lunch.

[Sept 10-29] Prince’s Photo Exhibition

This exciting photo exhibition takes place at the Senate of the Netherlands (Eerste Kamer) from September 10-29 from 10am until 4.30pm.

[Sept 14] Prince’s Book Prize

The Prince’s Book Prize is awarded on September 14 at 10am. Two days before the prize presentation, you can attend Evening of the Political Book, a free event which brings together the nominees for the Best Political Book of the Year at ProDemos on September 11 from 8pm until 9.30pm.

[Sept 12] Prince’s Pub Quiz

Held in Dutch, the Prince’s Pub Quiz takes place at the Nieuwspoort on September 12 at 8pm. If you’d like to join, then keep an eye on the Prince’s Pub Quiz event page.

[Sept 12-15] Night of the Dictatorship

In order to pay homage to democracy, Night of the Dictatorship takes place to mark International Day of Democracy on September 15. There will be films, debates, dinners and performances from September 12-15 at various locations.

[Sept 15] Prince’s Hat Walk

The dashing hats on the catwalk at the Prince’s Hat Walk are displayed to see who the winner will be and this spectacle shows the high standards of hat design and exclusive style in the range of hats among Dutch politicians and their partners. 

[Sept 18] Prince’s Day

The royals are at the centre of Prince's Day as the king addresses the Dutch parliament about the government budget for the coming year. Princes Day essentially marks the new parliamentary season and is also known as the budget day.

Get ready for Prince's Festival

With so many events happening over so many days, there's a lot to do and see in The Hague for free! Some events require tickets and others require showing up early to get a good spot in the crowd, so plan your visit to the centre of The Hague for this unique event!