Pop Arts Festival

Pop Arts Festival

Apr 16, 2019Apr 21, 2019
Various theatres

The 10th edition of the Pop Arts Festival presents all kinds of fun, visual plays! Expect dance, circus, mime, visual arts, film and music in this annual one-of-a-kind theatre festival in Amsterdam.

Playful and visual theatre

Pop Arts Festival consists of a selection of performances that bring out the playful and visual aspects of theatre. This annual puppet and object theatre event will take place in Theater Bellevue, De Krakeling and De Brakke Grond. This beautiful form of theatre, which does not often get the attention it deserves, is the essence of the Pop Arts Festival.

Performing and visual arts combine to create an imaginative universe with modern, contemporary productions that make use of video, objects, models, miniatures, clay, paints and old-school puppeteering.

International performances

Companies from Spain, Norway, Flanders and the Netherlands gather to present powerful visual performances that contain dance, acting and music.

This year, Feikes Huis, the only production company of its kind in the Netherlands - one that specialises in visual theatre - is joining the organisation of the festival. They will present two premieres at Theater Bellevue: Ding Dong and Japanese Girls.

Pop Arts Festival venues

The venues where the festival is taking place are: 

  • Theater Bellevue
  • Theater De Krakeling 
  • De Brakke Grond Flemish Arts Centre

Side programme and specials

Pop Arts 2019 offers more than just theatre performances. The festival also features an extensive side programme, such as Puppet Playground / Objects Welcome, where theatre makers and puppet creators showcase their latest masterpieces, works in progress and their latest and greatest concepts.

At Pop Arts Festival you can see makers who relate to today’s world. They connect to the world of animations, games, Netflix, YouTube and Instagram in both visual language and dramaturgy. 

Get your tickets

Get your tickets to the Pop Arts Festival online. For the complete programme, browse the Pop Arts Festival website.