Poetry International Festival Rotterdam

Poetry International Festival Rotterdam

Jun 10, 2022Jun 12, 2022
LantarenVenster and Verhalenhuis Belvédère

The 52nd Poetry International Festival Rotterdam will be taking place from June 10-12 in the Doelen in Rotterdam, showcasing 52 years of the brilliance of poets from around the world. Expect readings, special themed events, talk shows, films, workshops, poetry tours and after-parties.

Poetic expression on a pedestal

Organised by the Poetry International Foundation, the goal of the festival is to create a platform for the international exchange, stimulation and appreciation of great poetry both in the Netherlands and abroad.

"Poetry and the art of expression on a pedestal."

Attracting both Dutch and international visitors, the event puts poetry and the art of expression on a pedestal. Through lectures, talks, readings, interviews and conversations, works by both renowned and up-and-coming poets are presented, analysed, critiqued and appreciated. 

Due to the international nature of the festival, the intricate role of translation is also a focal point in workshops and seminars that examine methods of retaining meaning, structure and impact across languages.

Poetry International 52nd edition

Each year, the festival tackles a new theme or topic. For the 52nd edition, the theme will be "The BODY as/in/of POETRY" This edition invites us to look at the way the body moves poets into creativity, provides rhythm and a figurative sense, as well as prompts dancers and musicians that seek the poetic side of the human body in their art. Poets of the world come to share their aspirations, their joys and their grievances through the profound art of poetry.

Thousands of poets have read their poems at Poetry International Festival Rotterdam, in the principal festival venues, as well as on city squares and in bars, parks and trams over the past five decades. Come and reflect and see what the future will bring in terms of poetry, this time at LantarenVenster and Verhalenhuis Belvédère.

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