Pluk de Nacht film festival

Pluk de Nacht film festival

Aug 23, 2023Sep 02, 2023
Films start around 9pm
Het Stenen Hoofd, Westerdoksdijk 705-C, 1013 BX 
11,50 euros (includes a free drink)

The popular open-air cinema is back! Pluk de Nacht, which takes place each year in Amsterdam, doesn't just focus on one genre or film style in particular, but rather, a mix of anything from romantic comedies and cult classics to blockbuster action and independent documentaries await visitors. This year is the eighth year of Pluk MINI for the little kids and this time, there's even something for the bigger kids too!

Outdoor film festival by night

Pluk de Nacht (Seize the Night) is an outdoor film festival by night, dedicated to sharing films that haven’t been aired in Dutch cinemas, or which have only reached a very small audience. Pets are allowed!

All year long, members of the voluntary Pluk de Nacht organisation visit international film festivals to carefully select the best cinematic works. You can expect anything to hit the screen; from tragic rural documentaries, absurd romantic comedies and animations to road movies. Films start around 9pm.

Every year, Pluk de Nacht manages to create a surprising programme with various attractions that go beyond the big screen. Earlier editions of the festival saw orchestras playing the soundtracks of short films, interesting themed nights and a focus on films from specific countries. Young artists are offered a platform in more ways than just film screenings, making the festival a place where you can experience all kinds of initiatives.

Choose your English-language films

Most screened films are English-language or in another language provided with English subtitles. Check out the Pluk de Nacht website and plan your night out at the movies! It serves as a meeting place for lovers of film, art and new media, as well as food, drinks and parties.

Pluk MINI - a special film programme for kids

This year there's a special programme for kids. Pluk MINI takes place on August 27 from 2pm. Not only are there great films and animation series to watch but there's also bowling and disco dancing for the little ones while their parents mingle at the bar! Check out the Pluk MINI Facebook event page for more information.

This year, Pluk MINI has expanded to include film evenings for the bigger kids:

  • Friday, September 1
  • Saturday, September 2:

Book your tickets

Tickets to this renowned film festival cost 11,50 euros, including a free drink! There are beautiful, vintage-style deck chairs to lounge on - these separate seats make social distancing easy. Book your chair on the Pluk de Nacht website.

Pluk de Nacht