Paarspop Festival Leiden

Paarspop Festival Leiden

Jul 10, 2024
A.L.S.R.V. Asopos de Vliet, Zijlstroom 137, 2353 NN,
23,10 euros

Paarspop is back, with it's good vibes and friendly atmosphere. The student-focussed festival brings a range of DJs, rappers and bands to the edges of Leiden for a one-day party.

Paarspop 2024

Paarspop's unique selling point in a very festival-filled summer is that it takes place on a Wednesday! This may not seem like much, but this keeps it feeling small and intimate, and means the majority of those attending are students, so it's a young and energetic crowd. Being Gen Z-ers, it's one of the friendliest and most welcoming festivals out there too, so if you millennials and Gen X-ers want to take a day off and join in the fun, go right ahead!

Of course, there's all the other stuff that goes with being a festival too, including heaps of food stalls and inventive drinks stalls to make sure you can keep dancing all day long.

Video credit: Youtube / Asopos de Vliet

Getting to Paarspop

Think Dutch and cycle there! It's only a 15-minute bike ride from Leiden Central train station - the organisers want as many people on bikes as possible and are providing the bike parking facilities for that. There are also buses that pass within a ten-minute walk of the site, so public transport is an option. Don't drive unless you really, really have to.

Tickets for Paarspop

At just 23,10 euros per ticket, this is one of the cheapest festivals around this summer, tying in nicely with students being the target demographic. For the price of seeing just one band in Paradiso (or a third of a band at AFAS!), you can get a whole day of music laid on for you. Tickets can be bought on the Paarspop website.