Over het IJ Festival

Over het IJ Festival

Jul 13, 2018Jul 22, 2018
NDSM-Plein, 1033WB
19 euros for a standard adult ticket

The Over het IJ Festival is the place to be for theatre, performance art and delicious food, inspired by the city of Amsterdam! This waterside July event honours Amsterdam's wharfs, piers and former docklands.

About the Over het IJ Festival

The Over het IJ Festival aims to illustrate the context of Amsterdam as a city and the themes that live within it through theatre on location, visual arts and interactive installations in public spaces.

The festival creates a cultural meeting place for theatre makers, artists, visitors and city residents to explore and experiment with their urban environment. The location is the floating event space NDSM in North Amsterdam, and expands through the district and shores of the IJ.

The locations along the IJ themselves form inspiration for the artists who perform in situ, shaping their presentations to the immediate surroundings. Over the course of 10 days, established artists and performers stand side by side with new talents, creating a fascinating programme of dance, theatre and more.

Over het IJ Festival programme

A number of the many festival programme highlights which can be enjoyed regardless of the language you speak. There will be many shows taking part inside shipping containers. The festival specialises in location-specific performances and many of these once-off performances may surprise you. Keep an eye on the Over het IJ Festival website for the most up-to-date information on the festival programme.