Origin Chocolate Event

Origin Chocolate Event

Oct 21, 2019
Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD
13,50 euros for a standard adult day-ticket
Group rates available

The world elite of chocolate converges in Amsterdam, where chocolatiers, industry experts and chocoholics alike can come together, share ideas and chocolate, and taste the best cocoa creations!

Impressive cocoa products at Origin Chocolate Event

Taking place in seven halls at the magnificent Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, the Origin Chocolate Event welcomes visitors to, of course, taste to-die-for chocolate, but also to learn about top-quality chocolate.

In the 2019 edition, you can expect a special focus on sustainability, trade and the arts. It's an exploration of the fine cocoa products used by the creators to make their products, paying attention to the way they process the ingredients and the multitude of subtle flavours they can produce.

Leave your world behind at Origin Chocolate Event

Chocolatiers and experts take visitors on a sweet trip through cocoa countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar, Venezuela and Vietnam, explaining how they use rare types of cocoa to produce their bars and bonbons.

Flavours and types of chocolate vary greatly depending on the area of cultivation, with flavours ranging from fruity to earthy. The many aromas are as detailed as those of wines and coffees.

Lectures, music presentations and chocolate tastings

What are the trends and current developments in the cultivation and creation of origin chocolate? This subject and more are discussed in the impressive lecture programme.

There will also be various presentations, and chocolate tastings paired with speciality beers, honey, whiskey and rum. All in all, the Origin Chocolate Event is a delicious day of discoveries and inspiration!

You can even expect live music performances at this year's Origin Chocolate Event, what with the event being located in one of the most beautiful venues in the city.

Get your tickets to Origin Chocolate Event

Get your tickets to the Origin Chocolate Event. It costs 13,50 euros for a standard adult day-ticket, and there are also group rates available.