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Optimising Your Personal & Professional Performance

Nov 24, 2012
Het Coachhuis, Raamweg 4
The Hague
250 (incl. VAT)

Managing your energy levels is essential for reaching your full potential and sustaining top performance. This one-day master class program will directly enhance your accomplishments and your response in demanding or stressful situations. The training focuses on learning ways to increase one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-awareness needed for strong and effective (self) leadership.

The class starts with a mixture of applicable insights and solutions to provide you with the background knowledge you need to identify and manage your energy. Tools and techniques will be shared to enhance your personal adaptability and focus. The afternoon is a combination of reflective and practical exercises offered from 3 different perspectives in 3 different sessions. The focus is on: learning emotional self-regulation; the impact that your thoughts have on your energy; how to combine the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements needed to perform optimally.

We will finish the day with each participant developing a clear and achievable 30 day goal for themselves. Participants will be supported for this 30 day period with weekly emails containing motivating and relevant information ensuring maximum benefit is achieved and sustained. Following this one-day master class an optional 1,5 hour one on one session (80 euros incl. VAT) can be arranged to assess the participants progress and to create a window for additional change.

About the workshop coaches
 Pauline van der Lee: For more than 10 years as trainer and coach, she offers businesses and individuals a dynamic approach in working through challenges using awareness and movement as the central focus. With thought provoking questions she will lead you to new insights.

 Melissa Raczak: As director for a leading professional services company, during her career she has experienced firsthand what happens when one’s energy isn’t managed properly. Her passion is to help you achieve personal success and to learn to apply this in all areas of your life.

 Mary Jane Roy: Since 2007 she has been studying and developing an expertise in the often toxic effects stress has on our health and wellbeing. She is an international trainer, coach and speaker and will provide you with practical techniques for managing stress and developing emotional self-regulation.

 Participants will receive coffee & tea, lunch, workbook, and weekly email coaching tips for 1 month after the workshop.
 Email your name, address and phone number to maryjane[at]creatingwaves[dot]nu to reserve a spot.