Open House at Winford Bilingual Primary School Haarlem

Open House at Winford Bilingual Primary School Haarlem

Mar 20, 2024
Korte Verspronckweg 7-9 2023BS
Free (registration required)

If you are looking for a school that helps your child become truly bilingual, curious, independent, with a sense of community and a love for learning - then Winford Bilingual Primary School Haarlem is for you! 

"Winford Bilingual Schools - Experts in Bilingual Education. Sign up for their Open House today!"

Winford Bilingual School is a unique and boutique school dedicated to providing an exceptional bilingual education experience for students aged 4 to 12.  Find out more during their Open House.  

The Winford Bilingual School vision

At Winford Bilingual, they envision a harmonious blend of academic excellence, cultural understanding, and language proficiency. The school is designed to be a nurturing environment where every child's individuality is celebrated, and learning is an exciting lifelong journey. 


More choices at Winford Bilingual School

One distinctive feature of Winford Bilingual is the broad range of choices they offer for your child's primary education. Upon graduating from the school, your child will have the distinctive advantage of choosing between Dutch secondary schools and international secondary schools. This flexibility allows families to tailor their educational path based on individual preferences, aspirations, and future goals. 

By providing this dual pathway, Winford Bilingual School aims to empower their students to make informed decisions about their educational journey, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the next stage of their academic and personal development.  

Features that set them apart

  • Small class sizes: Personalised attention for every student. 
  • Bilingual curriculum: Seamlessly integrating English and Dutch languages. 
  • Flexible vacation: Providing families with the freedom to plan vacations around their family schedule. 
  • Daily lunch provided: Freshly prepared nutritious and delicious meals.  
  • Experiential learning: Real-world connections through field trips and collaborative IPC projects. 
  • Customised language tracks: Flexibility for families to choose bilingual or Dutch-streamed classes after age 10. 
  • Diverse cultural programme: Celebrating Dutch and English cultural traditions. 
  • Qualified bilingual faculty: Committed, native speaking educators.  

Bilingual Education (Ages 4-12 / Groups 1-8)

Winford Bilingual School has a unique curriculum that is based on the Dutch Primary Schools’ National Curriculum and UK Schools’ National Curriculum. These two curriculums combined with Montessori ideals and the International Primary Curriculum make up their well-rounded curriculum that covers international and national primary school requirements for children aged 4-12. 

  • Native Dutch and English-speaking teachers. 
  • Constant language immersion across subjects. 
  • Maximum of 20 children per class. 
  • Balanced 50/50 language instruction. 
  • Unique curriculum blending Dutch and UK national curriculums, Montessori, and IPC. 
  • Prepares for British, American, or Dutch bilingual education and VWO/HAVO Dutch Secondary. 

Winford Bilingual Primary School Haarlem

So how does it work?

Each class has two native speaking teachers, one for Dutch and one for English. Both teachers give lessons simultaneously throughout the school day. During core subject lessons, the class is split into two sections. Half of the class will have a lesson with the Dutch teacher, and the other half will have a different lesson with the English teacher. This ensures that the children receive equal exposure to both languages throughout the day 

They look forward to seeing you at their Open House!

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